Growing together. Connecting and empowering our community through environmentally sustainable food production and education.

What we do

Growing Together is a community driven, not-for-profit organisation based in Southern Shoalhaven, Yuin Country on the NSW South Coast. We focus on small-scale, local food production in the form of market gardens, and provide community-outreach through volunteering, educational events and workshops.

Our market gardens connect local landowners with people passionate about growing food together. Improving community mental health, developing skills, training and job opportunities, while tackling social isolation and increasing community wellbeing.

Our community outreach aims to create resilience within our community by educating people and empowering them to pass on the knowledge. We share skills and knowledge in areas including; permaculture, composting and waste management, fermenting and storing produce and environmental sustainability.

How it works

Our market gardens operate on private land donated by local landowners and managed by a mixture of volunteers and paid part-time workers.

In exchange for allowing their land to be used for market gardening, landowners  have part of their land managed by the organisation and access to nutritious regeneratively grown fruit and vegetables.

Volunteers have access to the vegetables they help grow, they learn new skills through hands-on gardening or free educational workshops and are part of a vibrant community.

Our Growing Together community connects all our landowners, volunteers and workers together through social media and regular gatherings.

Our community-outreach program harnesses knowledge from within our community and further afield to provide regular, affordable events and workshops. All workshop presenters will be paid a portion of the proceeds with the rest supporting the ongoing development of Growing Together’s Community-outreach program, providing training, and enabling us to provide future workshops for our community.


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Join our Market Garden Volunteer team! Our gardens are community focused and provide a welcoming place to learn new growing skills, connect with other growers; plus it’s great for mental and physical wellbeing. All our regular volunteers will have access to the nutritious regeneratively grown fruit/vegetables they help produce!

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About us

Growing Together South Coast Inc. enhances community connectivity and resilience with regenerative growing practices on the NSW South Coast. We empower and educate people through local food systems, promoting physical and mental well-being for a sustainable future.

Growing Together would like to thank Farm it Forward for their support and generosity, assisting with the setup of our organisation.

Acknowledgement of Country

Growing Together South Coast Inc. acknowledges the people of the Yuin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which we stand and work. We pay our respect to the people, the culture and the values of this land that was sustainably managed for tens of thousands of years.

Growing Together

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